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monthly horoscope taurus

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monthly horoscope
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You will receive a phone call and you will hear some strange things that will amaze you but don't react so surprisingly. You looking forward to something passionately and you will finally achieve it, it worth to wait for it. You're worried about something, if it's related to a financial problem, it will be solved but it but if it relates to an emotional ones, it won't solve easily and you have to bear it for a while. Many people are around you. They seem like friends but actually they are not that good internally. Be away from these kind of people because they only bothers you and make you annoyed. You will buy a new vehicle that has light color, you will become extremely happy of buying this new vehicle. You have mistaken and also people betrayed you a lot but God was always with you and support you, so always appreciate him and being thankful and trust him. a new situation will come up to you that will change your current mood. This situation will suddenly emerge in your life and change it, but it will help you to improve and makes you blessed. Try to hide your secret life from jealous people. They could hurt you if you explain and tell everything to them. You going to have a travel by plane if you decide to go you would have so much fun there. You're not married, you cut your relationship with someone by pertinacity but it will be to the benefit of you and if he leaves you himself, just let it happen because maybe his left is something that God destined for you. You will spend a lot of money on different things this month but it will be okay for you. If you have letter M in your name, you will become sick, maybe you will catch a cold, but anyway try to take care of your health much more. A dead person is waiting for you. You'd better go to the cemetery as soon as possible and visit him and do almsgiving for him because he is looking forward to your alms. You pine a lot and your loneliness is the reason of that, but you have God by your side and that is the most valuable blessing for you that always protect you. You will hear a satisfying news in financial field and you will get some money or winning a loan. Anyway it's gladden you and your financial position will improve incredibly. The 6th of this month would be your day or you will have a nice weekend. You want to give a present to valuable person in your life. You will do that and you will feel so pleased about doing this. Someone broke your heart in past and he's compensating day after the day, as the time flies his condition will worsen. Maybe you sympathize for him but if he'll be punished and sentenced because of his behavior even if you forgive him. You will be invited to Imam Reza holy Shrine, it is so unexpected but it is like a gift from a Imam. You will also be invited to a magnificent ceremony, it will become a very memorable time for you if you accept it.

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