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monthly horoscope
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You reconcile with whom you haven't had a good relationship with and everything will be like before, but try to reconsider your behavior to not to mistaken again. Just let this tranquility remain in your life. You are such a wise and politic person and you could become successful and develop a lot by your wisdom. Either in financial issues or in an emotional issues. You will achieve an essential goal this months that will warm your heart and make you overjoyed for a while. you over think a lot, you love someone but you're doubtful about how to come it up with her but be determined because she will accept it and both of you with reach a great calmness in relationship. You will have several dates and get some gifts on these dates that will make you happy and satisfied. You will go somewhere on the weekend with other companions and you will have unforgettable moments. You are planning for a trip but you are on uncertain and don't know exactly where you want to go and which way of transportation you want to choose, everything depends on your decision. If you have a high school or University child, he/she will gain a great success that will make you proud. There are many people around you but don't confabulate with everyone because and most of them just seems like friends, but internally they are not and they are always jealous of your life. If you want to travel to Mashhad and visit Imam Reza holy shrine, do it. You will have some disagreements with a man that makes you angry and cause some problems for you but if you behave perfectly, you will get your wanted result. Some women of this month will become pregnant and born a baby that will bring luck and felicity and blessedness for them. You will have an honorable and sheriff child that will become famous and make you proud. If you're lazy in praying God stop it, and do it correctly because it could bring unlucky to you. Because you are a wise person and you could choose and decide your way to success correctly, people are jealous of your social position and want to be in your shoes. If you're not married someone loves you wholeheartedly and his dream is being in love with you. Just say yes and accept him if you love him too, maybe there will be people to oppose this marriage but don't worry they couldn't do anything and they will finally cope with this marriage. You're Grief's will be ended and you will start the new year with good events and full of happiness. You will travel a lot from now on with the group of beloved people and in these trips will be full of unforgettable and sweet memories for you. You will cry for a news that you heard on one of the day of this month. If you know someone in prison, you will hear his freedom.

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