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monthly horoscope
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You will have a family reunion this month, you will enjoy it a lot and make good memories. There is some rumors about you and some people backbiting you a lot but don't care about them. If you have a pregnant woman around you do almsgiving for her to keep danger away from her. You will hear a lot of good or bad gossips that will make you surprised and confused. You will get a trump card from a call that has number 7 in it and you will express your feelings and happiness unconsciously. You are such a responsible person whom everyone count on and love. Someone pray for you a lot and that you'll help you to serve your needs. An unplanned displacement at work or at home will happen to you, maybe it's something that God destined for you and would be good for you. People who are looking for an authority and power will get a new position at work or an educational degree. You are a little bit touchy and coward but if you could control your fear, you will be more successful. You will have a lot of financial business and transactions this month that will make you proud.12th r 13th of this month will be a nice day for you. You will have an inutile argument with someone who hast letter S or Sh in his name, it is very frustrating because nothing will change. You are a benevolent person and you do many things for people so you will be rewarded because of your benediction. You will have some gatherings in your family, this reunions will continue and many subjects will be come up in these parties that will have good result for you. You are not married and you will feel love for the first time at you will be stressful at first bud step by step, you will like him too and find your peace and blessedness with him and make a peaceful life. You should visit dr. if you have headache, maybe this pain relates to your eyes or blood pressure. If you know someone who has letter N in his name, he will become so successful and improve a lot but there would be a lot of people to oppose him. You will sign a contract that will cause your success and improvement. If your name is Zohre, do almsgiving to keep danger away. You will do your mind for a new place and it will be a right decision. Men who born in this month are really family lovers so you must be thankful of their treatment. If you want to have a baby, you will born a lucky child. Someone whose name is Amir will make you aware of a news that will amaze you. You are sympathetic and kind hearted. You could gain again the money you had lost before. If you had lent money to someone, it will be given back to you. Your destiny is light and nice, your children will help you for everything in future.

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