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monthly horoscope gemini

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monthly horoscope : Gemini September 2018
monthly horoscope
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You are doubtful about doing something and you can't solve it easily, but nothing will change these days. You play trick on someone and this person always curse you and his malevolence influence your life, so do almsgiving to keep it away. If you have children, one of them will do something nice for you that will be to the benefit of you and makes you pleased. You are doubtful about something but you don’t even know the reason, but it is a right doubt, don’t do it. People who are born in this month and are professional in a special sport field, will become famous in this field if they could be severe and work hard on their profession. Someone is very close to you and you're living with him/her but he/she always lie to you and makes you annoyed and his reason is that he/she don't want you to be aware of things he does. Many people search in your private life but they couldn't find any negative point in it. You may have a lot of inutile arguments with your spouse but you couldn't reach to any agreement or conclusion. You will be invited to a magnificent ceremony. Going to thus celebration depends on your decision but it would be nice if you could go. If you need money or ask someone to borrow you some, you will receive it and you could solve some of your problem and overcome a part of your obstacles with it. You will receive an unexpected gift that will make you happy, maybe it'll be a souvenir. You will go and visit an ill person and this act will make him so thankful and appreciative. You will become furious from someone whose name is Amir. The 11th of this month is a nice day for you, you'll go somewhere or hear a good news. You will hear someone passed away too, so you should participate in his funeral, it would be a crowded funeral and you will meet so many people there. If you know someone named Hussein do almsgiving for him because something dangerous is waiting for him. If you are not married someone will express his feeling for you and put his love into words, it depends on you to accept him or not but if you do, it would be blessed. You are alone or you will become alone soon. This loneliness will irritate you. You have a frenemy and rival and in love. She/he is kind of naughty person and can control you easily. If you ride motorcycle, be a little bit more careful because there will happen a problem or maybe an accident to you.

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